Hello Art Lovers!

Art Asia was November 22nd-25th, 2018! It was a fabulous art fair and even though I didn’t sell my work, I made some AMAZING connections!

Such as getting picked up by “K Auction” which is an auction house is South Korea. They never accept anyone outside of Korea but they made an acception for my work!

Please take a look at the link below!

Teal_I do what I like, I like what I do .jpg

Art! Vancouver 2018

This year at Art! Vancouver I had the most positive response with my paintings. I am so happy with this years results! :) 

One comment I received was that one art collector would like to see all my styles, and since I like to only show one theme per year, I had a new idea. I decided to mix my themes over the past couple years and combine them, my spray painted hearts as one background, as well as spray painted drips for others. My crowns were to show that you can always wear your invisible crown. 

For my "15 minutes of fame" I spoke about my past with art and my future with art therapy. 


The Populist

Here is an amazing article written by Amar Mirchandani that was posted on The Populist (online news article) 

Thank you so much for choosing me to write about!! :)

Art of Art: Westcoast Formal Charity event!

This is what I completed at the Art of Art Charity Event with the Youth unlimited. Very happy I was able to participate in this event as all proceeds went to the Youth who are at-risk in Vancouver. Thank you to everyone who came to support me! :)



The Art of Art event Nov. 18th, 2017

I will be participating in the Art of Art event for at-risk youth, by painting LIVE and auctioning off my painting at the end. The event will be held at the Pipe Shop in North Vancouver on November 18th, 2017. Get your tickets online at

Check out my promo video! -

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Bar None Night Club

My first time having my paintings in a nightclub on Granville Street Downtown Vancouver! Very exciting to walk in and see my work on the walls! 


Bar None Night Club

Art! Vancouver 2017

This year I did a series of naked ladies. I wanted to create a reaction from the crowd. I usually use lots of color in my paintings but this year I decided to change it up and only use black and white. I also decided to use charcoal and used my finger to smudge to round the edges. 

This series more personal and it was a way for me to express my mental state of overcoming a personal trauma. I wanted to show some vulnerability by involving women's skin. Women are taken advantage of everyday and its hard for women to protect themself. Society judges women very harshly for their bodies, social media escpecially. Making women feel as though their bodies are not good enough and to try products that will make them "feel better about themselves". The women I chose were also very important people to me as they played a big part in the healing of my trauma. They helped me to understand confidence, happiness and self-worth. I took photos of my friends and myself to show that all bodies are beautiful, at whatever angle, it is okay to show some skin.  Women create and nurture babies, the body should be seen as a temple. Some people get offended by naked women, but they shouldnt be.Women make the earth go round, they give life! Yet, women are still being taken advantage of, put down and not given the credit they deserve. However, my pieces are not fully naked, and some pieces express the individual by showing yoga, meditation and peacefulness. I had a wonderful year at Art! Vancouver and ended it by selling the middle piece titled, "Empowered women empower women" to a wonderful lady!

Good Bags/Bad Bags

This piece was made for Canada's 150th Birthday this year. I incorporated my style of the bleeding hearts, which is done with spray paint. I then added a white Maple leaf on top, using my own technique and wiped out the thick line and showing the outline of the famous maple leaf. 

"The art project - Bad Bags/Good Bags“ by German artist Reinhard Wanzke is about travelling and connecting artists all around the world. Wanzke is carrying seven „Ferragamo“ handbags with him, which are central to the art project. Starting his tour in Frankfurt (Germany) he meanwhile visited Kampala (Uganda), Sydney (Australia), Kuching (Malaysia), Changzhou (China) and now Vancouver. His last but one stop will be New York before he returns end of June to Germany. There will be the final exhibition with then 49 artworks from all around his world trip and the seven bags empty. Why empty? 
The modus operandi always has been the same during his travel: he invites artists to contribute one work of art to one of the bags, and during the first, the local exhibition the art work will remain invisible to the audience. So e.g. the Vancouver art works will be on display for the first time at the New York exhibition and then in Kassel (Germany), when there is documenta14.

The collection now will be extended by art works from Vancouver based artists Taisha Teal, Skyla Wayrynen, Irene Hyojeong Hwang, Hank Bull among others."

Detailed informations you’ll find
google sites:

BC Crafts Council Fair

I am lucky to be in another art fair with my mother and sister outside the Vancouver Convention Center!

RAW: Vancouver

I am excited to announce I am in another Show with many more amazing artists! 

Burts Bee's / Preservation Canada

Experience SHADES by Burt’s Bees Lipstick! 

I have had the privilege and honour to work with Burts Bee's these past few months to make them a custom painting using their new lipstick line. My artwork will be auctioned off with proceeds supporting Wildlife Preservation Canada

Please help support this cause by spreading word to those in Toronto, and if you are in the area, please visit the Arta Gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District between Feb 27 & Mar 11, 3 – 8pm. Enjoy a FREE Admission & FREE Gift daily!

Message me for more details as I would love to see you all there! :)

10 Artists. 14 Shades of Lipstick. Endless creativity. 

Art Vancouver

Extremely happy to announce my Marlyn Monroe painting was featured on Art! Vancouver's magazine and sold at Art fair last May 2015.