Art! Vancouver 2017

This year I did a series of naked ladies. I wanted to create a reaction from the crowd. I usually use lots of color in my paintings but this year I decided to change it up and only use black and white. I also decided to use charcoal and used my finger to smudge to round the edges. 

This series more personal and it was a way for me to express my mental state of overcoming a personal trauma. I wanted to show some vulnerability by involving women's skin. Women are taken advantage of everyday and its hard for women to protect themself. Society judges women very harshly for their bodies, social media escpecially. Making women feel as though their bodies are not good enough and to try products that will make them "feel better about themselves". The women I chose were also very important people to me as they played a big part in the healing of my trauma. They helped me to understand confidence, happiness and self-worth. I took photos of my friends and myself to show that all bodies are beautiful, at whatever angle, it is okay to show some skin.  Women create and nurture babies, the body should be seen as a temple. Some people get offended by naked women, but they shouldnt be.Women make the earth go round, they give life! Yet, women are still being taken advantage of, put down and not given the credit they deserve. However, my pieces are not fully naked, and some pieces express the individual by showing yoga, meditation and peacefulness. I had a wonderful year at Art! Vancouver and ended it by selling the middle piece titled, "Empowered women empower women" to a wonderful lady!