My vision with art is to induce positive emotions and radiate inspiration with every brush stroke, to expose the creativity in everyone. A feeling always inspires me; my favorites to draw from are love, peace, gratitude and happiness. 

Throughout my childhood, my mother, being the incredible artist that she is, would fill our house with love and gratitude, by writing in every closet in our house “Love, Peace, Gratitude, Harmony.”  My siblings and I would see this message every morning when we got up to change before school filling our hearts and minds with positivity daily.

All my surroundings, from friends and family to school and nature to love and light inspire me to conceive each individual piece of art from the bottom of my heart.

Art is art; there is no good or bad, it all depends on your psyche and how you perceive it. My motto is “Nothing is impossible, there is always a way to succeed. It all depends on what path one wants to take and what direction one is heading”.

I believe I am in a new chapter of my life. After a near death experience earlier this Fall, I am blessed for everyday that I wake up breathing. I am constantly training my mind to see the positive in every situation no matter what the outcome. This is my main objective and what I hope convey through every piece; to create art that transforms the thoughts of individuals and their perspective of the world.