Artist, Model, Traveller, Animal Lover

Taisha Teal Wayrynen was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She’s working towards a Masters Degree Art therapy and adolescent psychology. Taisha identified a synergy between psychology and art and is excited to incorporate that unique perspective into her work. Her vision is to one day open a counseling center that features Art Therapy to help children overcome traumatic events.  

Taisha’s home life has been art focused since the day she was born. Her mother, a talented artist, raised Taisha and her younger sister Skyla in an environment enriched with art. Playtime involved every type of artistic medium they could get their hands on, including, oil paints, acrylic, water color, pastel, glass stains, ceramics and a home kiln, photography and cake decorating. Taisha has experimented with them all, which allowed her to develop a rich toolkit that she continues to experiment with and add to.

Taisha’s last “Pop Icon” collection which was featured at Art!Vancouver, an international art fair, made the cover of the magazine, and received praise during the show. 

Thank you for reading and please enjoy my art work! :)