Good Bags/Bad Bags

This piece was made for Canada's 150th Birthday this year. I incorporated my style of the bleeding hearts, which is done with spray paint. I then added a white Maple leaf on top, using my own technique and wiped out the thick line and showing the outline of the famous maple leaf. 

"The art project - Bad Bags/Good Bags“ by German artist Reinhard Wanzke is about travelling and connecting artists all around the world. Wanzke is carrying seven „Ferragamo“ handbags with him, which are central to the art project. Starting his tour in Frankfurt (Germany) he meanwhile visited Kampala (Uganda), Sydney (Australia), Kuching (Malaysia), Changzhou (China) and now Vancouver. His last but one stop will be New York before he returns end of June to Germany. There will be the final exhibition with then 49 artworks from all around his world trip and the seven bags empty. Why empty? 
The modus operandi always has been the same during his travel: he invites artists to contribute one work of art to one of the bags, and during the first, the local exhibition the art work will remain invisible to the audience. So e.g. the Vancouver art works will be on display for the first time at the New York exhibition and then in Kassel (Germany), when there is documenta14.

The collection now will be extended by art works from Vancouver based artists Taisha Teal, Skyla Wayrynen, Irene Hyojeong Hwang, Hank Bull among others."

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