Lipstick that loves you back!


The Opening night for Burts Bees new lipstick launch was a success! I'm so grateful to have been one of the chosen artists to make a piece of art using their new lipsticks. All of the artists work will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the Wildlife Preservation Canada. My piece will be shown for the next two weeks at the Arta Gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District between February 27 & Mar 11, 3 – 8pm. Enjoy a FREE Admission & FREE Gift daily!

I was inspired to do this piece because of the threat of bee extinction. If bee’s become extinct, then so do humans. We cannot live on Earth without bees, as they pollinate most of our food. Being part of this event has inspired me to start a charity fund to grow bees, it is extremely important to get the word out there, just like climate change is happening now. Bees pollinate 70 percent of our agriculture and crops to develop fruits, nuts and seeds. Since bees are dying off at an increasing rate, this is extremely alarming. If communities can work collectively to change our behavior towards bees and make an effort to save them then the humans on this planet can move forward in life. Without bees, we humans cannot survive independently.